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Welcome to Bionic Records

Welcome to Bionic Records. Having been long established, and with a superb reputation for quality and being able to source that rare to find record, we are here to help. We attend record fairs throughout Europe buying and selling a vast collection of high quality vinyl that are guaranteed to be in first class order upon purchase.  We also organise 2 UK record fairs, Orpington and Canterbury both held monthly.


Our record fairs in the UK are attended by dealers who are highly specialised in collectable material but there are also dealers who offer bargains and very inexpensive records and CD’s.  They are therefore fairs for both collectors and bargain hunters.  Attend one near you soon.
Give us a call or drop us an email, you maybe surprised how much your collection is worth!

Record Fairs - UK

We attend Record Fairs all over Europe - please either check our Facebook Page for the latest news, or alternatively, click the Record Fair link at the top of the page to find out when we are next attending.

Record Fairs - Europe

If you are looking to sell your collection, large or small, we are always actively seeking good quality vinyl.  We also purchase CD’s and memorabilia.

Give us a call or drop us an e-mail and you maybe surprised at how much your collection is worth!  We can arrange visits to your home to suit you.

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+44 (0)7742 953200


Canterbury - Sat 31st Oct

Orpington - Sun  1st Nov



 Madrid - 31st Oct/1st Nov

Utrecht - 21st/22nd Nov

Gent - 28th/29th Nov

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